Satellite Wi-Fi Router & Voice Gateway

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RedPort Optimizer

Optimizer combines a satellite Wi-Fi router with a
voice gateway, offering a simple but powerful
solution for individuals or small vessels to get the
most out of their satellite data service. Simply
connect a satellite phone or satellite terminal and
Optimizer will create and manage your Wi-Fi or
simple Ethernet network.
Optimizer’s onboard phone exchange lets you
make and receive calls with a standard telephone,
ethernet phone, and compatible satellite terminals
or with a Wi-Fi-connected smartphone using the
XGate Voice app. Optimizer will pass through all
calls using standard satellite voice service, or
use RedPort VoIP service to make up to 4
simultaneous calls.
Optimizer works with a wide range of apps for
satellite users, including RedPort XGate, to enable
satellite email, web, weather services, tracking and
more. Best of all, it includes a firewall that blocks
unwanted data usage, saving users money while
ensuring maximum speed for important services.


One year warranty.