Inmarsat Phones

Global satellite communications

Inmarsat owns and operates 13 communication satellites which form the backbone of the world’s most versatile, reliable, commercial satellite communications network.

Flying in geosynchronous orbit 35,786km (22,236 miles) above the Earth, our satellites are positioned to give seamless global coverage.

Internet access anywhere in the world

Our fourth generation satellites, the I-4 constellation, power simultaneous voice and data services globally, enabling customers in remote locations, on board ships, or in planes to make calls and access the internet anywhere in the world – for everything from standard office applications to higher bandwidth capabilities such as telemedicine and live broadcasting.

Our unrivalled BGAN network availability of over 99.9 per cent means we are the satellite cornerstone of the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) and we were the first operator to comply with the requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) for global safety communications.

Global Xpress (GX) is the first high speed, mobile broadband network to span the world, from a single, trusted provider. As well as increased bandwidth, GX offers a whole new world of innovative, content-rich applications developed by our partner ecosystem.

With the launch of our European Aviation Network in 2017, we will offer a unique Europe-wide in-flight passenger broadband service enabling Wi-Fi connectivity on airlines and business jets, operating over 30MHz of the S-band spectrum.