About Us

All Over Communications, sells, activates, installs and rents satellite voice & data connectivity solutions. We were established in 1990 as Custom Cellular Concepts Corp. and became one of the first agents for major cellular operators in Southern California providing activation services for BMW & Mercedes vehicles equipped with analog & digital phones. Our satellite phone business evolved after the tragic 911 event since we had established government accounts that needed redundant backup satellite communications for use during emergencies and we provided them with satellite handsets. We love working with public safety, B2B and other government entities. Unforntunately, since our business model has changed, we no longer have staff regularly at our retail business location and conduct business by APPOINTMENT ONLY. Just call and we will meet with you. Thanks for understanding.

Our diverse product portfolio allows us to deliver the most appropriate solutions for our customers, and also make adjustments as needs change. Our primary focus is providing backup satellite handset, satellite internet and satellite GPS solutions to public safety government agencies as well as healthcare facilities. We also work with many Business Continuity managers on the local enterprise level here in Orange County.

In addition to Inmarsat & Iridium, we recently began representing Fixed Satellite Service (FSS) operators, Starlink & SkyTerra (MSAT). Today we thrive on providing end to end wireless solutions for any business need, location, or contingency plan. Our typical customer base for both cellular and satellite solutions includes government entities at all levels and businesses of all sizes. All Over Communications is also known as a “retail destination” for some; consumers of all walks of life which also fuel our vibrant satellite phone rental business.

We have been awarded Texas State DIR Contract TSO-4147 in June 2019 offering discounts to Texas State Courts, Education & City Government. Been nominated as Top Ten Globalstar dealer in both 2016 & 2017. Certified Small Business in CA with sales less than $1M annually. We also still provide Verizon Wireless Solutions for business customers. 

Solutions we provide:

Local US based area code specific telephone numbers for Iridium & Inmarsat at no extra charge.

Government airtime discount on Iridium, Inmarsat & Globalstar airtime plans.

Free satellite handsets with unlimited airtime plans for select Globalstar phones & hotspots.

Fixed indoor satellite voice & data solutions for Inmarsat & Iridium utilizing Beam & ASE-Corp hardware.

Satellite Broadband solutions on Cobham, Thales & Hughes terminals for fixed, mobile & maritime use.

Satellite PTT with infinite number of users with three different talk group sizes while also able to bridge conventional radios, WLAN, LTE via RoIP gateway.

Remotely track, monitor and control fixed and mobile assets beyond cellular coverage.

Our Commitment to every Customer:

Elevate communications capabilities with latest technology.

Lower recurring cost with regular bill analysis.

Align with state & federal communications standards.

Provide reliable products with exceptional customer service.

We have assisted many government and business entities locally and nationally by providing them with redundant satellite communications. Customers we have served includes: CAL OES, American Embassy in Jakarta, Many local cities including Irvine, Rancho Santa Margarita, Santa Ana, LAWA, AU Consulate General, Broadcom, Irvine Company, eMerchant, Capital Group and many others. These companies have enacted a form of backup, yet redundant, form of satellite communications in their Business Continuity Plan and so should you. Call us today so we can assist you with your communications needs in your plan!