About Us

All Over Communications, sells, services, installs and rents satellite phones. We were established in 1990 as Custom Cellular Concepts Corp., we became one of the first agents for major cellular operators in Southern California. All Over Communications has 3 physical offices and a network of independent sales agents throughout the U.S. We recently opened regional representative offices outside Portland, Oregon and San Antonio, Texas.

Our diverse product portfolio allows us to deliver the most appropriate solutions for our customers, and also make adjustments as needs change. In addition to Globalstar & Iridium, we recently began representing Fixed Satellite Service (FSS) operators, Inmarsat & SkyTerra (MSAT). Today we thrive on providing end to end wireless solutions for any business need, location, or contingency plan. Our typical customer base for both cellular and satellite solutions includes government entities at all levels and businesses of all sizes. All Over Communications is also known as a “retail destination” for some; consumers of all walks of life which also fuel our vibrant satellite phone rental business.

Our Commitment to Every Customer:

  1. Elevate communications capabilities.
  2. Lower recurring costs.
  3. Align w/ State & Federal Communications Standards, Recommendations & Goals.
  4. Provide exceptional customer service.