Our Vision for HPP & PHEP

Communities prepared to meet the healthcare needs of their citizens in response to and recovery from disasters

All Over Communications has been providing reliable redundant communications to local health care facilities & health departments for over 10 years. We work closely with local and county hospitals in fulfilling their requirements for building & maintaining interoperable redundant communications systems for voice telephony & data exchange. We recommend & supply only FEMA AEL approved communications products & services as mandated by the US Department of Health & Human Services CDC/ASPR.

Satellite is the most fail safe form of communications when terrestrial infrastructure and networks are damaged and/or overloaded. Satellites can connect widely distributed networks providing interoperability between these disparate systems. Satellites act as one big radio tower for all of North America. Users don’t have to worry about service interruptions associated with roaming, because it is all one network.

With satellite communications, you can connect Portable to Portable, Portable to Fixed and Fixed to Fixed without using the terrestrial network infrastructure.

  • Portable Satellite Phones for outdoor use. These can be carried around, docked in a charging cradle inside a vehicle or indoors with an external antenna. Please see Globalstar GSP-1700
  • Fixed Mobile Satellite Phones for indoor or in-vehicle use. These ‘modems’ create a dial up tone for basic analog “bat phone” dedicated satellite phone use. They include battery back up and external antenna with variable antenna COAX length. We recommend the GSP-2900
  • Satellite Hotspots allow provide connectivity for voice and data 
  • Fixed Viasat high speed broadband internet with unlimited data plans
  • Portable Satellite Hot Spots for indoor and outdoor use with the smartphone or tablet integration such as Globalstar Sat-Fi2.
  • Portable high speed dedicated data terminals such as Cobham Explorer 710
  • Inexpensive two way satellite texting devices such as Spot X
  • Dedicated one way GPS tracking devices that send alerts when problems arise
  • LTE Failover Routers that integrates seamlessly with existing network infrastructure, using cloud secure access such as Cradlepoint ARC CBA 850 router.

We offer convenient airtime & hardware bundled packages that allow your facility to purchase together with one purchase order. Currently hospitals can receive the following discounts:

  • Free bill analysis of your existing service provider
  • Free satellite phones
  • 15% discount on airtime & hardware pricing
  • 30 day free airtime trial
  • Low airtime plans starting at $39.99/ month
  • Free Activation & delivery
  • Free car chargers with GSP-1700 purchase
  • Call 844-255-7821 now to get your facility saving money today.