Iridium US Number SIM Card with $10 worth of airtime

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NEW - We now stock SIM cards with area code specific US based telephone numbers at no extra charge. We have US based telephone numbers for Iridium voice & data handsets. The Iridium 55 SIM card includes $10 worth of airtime and/ or texting each month. NO ACTIVATION FEE!

Airtime billing is provided by Pivotel. We set up the account (download application here), provide you with the SIM card and telephone number. With Pivotel, you can suspend your service and keep your phone number for only $5/ month fee! Also, FREE INCOMING CALLS (most plans) are included. FREE activation, FREE SIM card on any activation!$8.00 shipping fee will be refunded when sim card is activated on any rate plan.  Please specify which plan you want to activate on in checkout. We will need credit application (download here) filled out prior to shipping SIM card. Please review the plans below. Email completed apps to or fax to 949-468-0933.