Indoor Comcenters

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We have several powerful solutions for Docking Stations and the Iridium Phones (9555, 9505A, 9575 and 9575 PTT). These are perfect for “grab and go” situations. An example would be a Hospital Group needing to communicate with each other or authorities during a hurricane. If the power grid goes down, and cell phone service (mobile service) is interrupted, the staff in the hospital can stay in constant contact via voice with our terminals. In the rare case where personnel may have to leave the facility and even assist the evacuation of patients, they can remove the phone to take with them to maintain continuity for updates and direction.

There are other instances where the “Grab and Go” is not needed, and in some cases not desirable at all. An example would be a large financial institution that will only need to communicate during a natural or man-made disaster to stay in contact. In this instance, there would be no evacuation of personnel, therefore no need to move outside with a satellite phone. Another instance is areas such as cruise ships, or other vessels that might see a tremendous amount of traffic. In these environments, it is not useful to have a satellite phone that could “go missing.”

If this is the case, the Comcenter Indoor may be perfect for your organization. The Comcenter Indoor acts exactly like any other Iridium satellite phone. An analog phone (RJ11) or Intelligent Handset (ASE MNT01) will have to be employed for dialing, ringing and listening purposes. If the facility is large, we recommend using our analog phone ASE-PT01 provides not only a phone that can be 4000 meters away from the Comcenter Indoor but has detailed dialing instructions as a placard mounted to the phone to eliminate any confusion during stressful situations. Install the Comcenter Indoor quickly with our antenna kits, and maintenance is minimal—no batteries to replace every two years, like the Iridium handset. Contact us at with any questions you may have about this or any other ASE product.


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