Explorer 710 High-Speed Portable BGAN Terminal

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The first and only BGAN terminal to support the full HDR streaming service from Inmarsat. With an average speed of 600-700 kbps, the Explorer 710 sets a new standard for a remote video news gathering.

Native Plug & Play HDR Bonding : Simply connect the Explorer 710 terminals with an ethernet cable and achieve rates above 1 mbps! 

The flagship Explorer BGAN terminals introduces Smart Phones to the world of BGAN, enabling users to connect their own devices for voice calling and connectivity. Other features includes a USB host interface, an easy to use LCD display and multiple interfaces.

Includes: EXPLORER 710 transceiver, antenna, spiral antenna cable, 2m ISDN/LAN cable, rechargeable lithium ion battery, 115/230VAC power supply, Quick Start Guide, and CD with manual & drivers

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