GSP-1600 Accessory

Available GSP-1600 accessories are: 965-GSWH1600, GSP-1600 Heavy Duty Leather Case,GPB-2003, GSP-1600 Hi Capacity Polymer Lithium-Ion Battery,CLA-1600,GSP1600 Auto Cigarette Lighter Adapter (US),965-GS1600, GSP1600 Regular Leather Case,GSP-1210,GSP1600 Universal Travel Charger, GSP-1220, GSP1600North American Wall Charger,GCK-0017, GSP1600 Privacy Head Set Adapter, GCK-0016, GSP1600 Privacy Head Set (requires Privacy Head Set Adapter), GDC-1200, GSP1600 Data Cable for the GSP 1600,GDK-GS9600-ADPTUSB Serial Cable Adapter for GSP-1600 connect to GDK-9600, GDK-GS9600 Globalstar Mini Router for G*Sat phone with data cable included