Satellite Pricing Plans

We have post paid and prepaid pricing plans for all carriers including Globalstar, Iridium, Inmarsat and BGAN. Free SIM cards included with activation. The pros and cons of prepaid cards are: Perfect for short term seasonal use with 1-24 month options; Ability to budget by prepaying in advance; Most minutes will rollover if a refill is added before expiration; If cards expire, the phone becomes nonoperational, and any accrued minutes expire; No contract or credit checks.

The Pros and cons of postpaid monthly or annual plans are: Phone is always active and ready to make & receive calls with no worry about expiring minutes; Hassle-free ongoing active flexible monthly or annual service plans that can be changed ; Pooling of minutes are available on select plans; Detailed call records are available; 1-12 month contracts guarantee your phone remains active (if bill is paid); 24/7/365 customer service that knows who you are and ready to help. 

Let us help you decide which plan is best for you!