Satellite Phone Rentals


All Over Communications offers the latest technology that allows you to “try before you buy”. Renting can be a practical solution for staying in touch when you need to travel beyond cellular. Whether its research project off the beaten path in the Rockies, a weekend deep sea fishing excusion with your friends, or extra roadside insurance for a cross country road trip, safety should never compromised .  Rent Iridium 9555, Rent Iridium 9575 with S.O.S., Rent Inmarsat Isatphone 2, Rent Inmarsat BGAN 510 terminal, Rent Globalstar GSP-1700 satellite phones or Rent BIVY GPS trackers as a simple to use SOS device with UNLIMITED TRACKING!

Own for the long term

Owning a satellite device obviously is the smart choice for business and individuals that know owning a redundant satellite communications device is a necessity. With an upfront small capital investment and a small monthly commitment, you are establishing a dependable alternate form of communication in case of emergency.  

Renting?  What's the real story on the best rental phone. Iridium, Inmarsat or Globalstar?
Some considerations will help guide you make the right decision.  Though they may look similar, the differences Globalstar, Inmarsat & Iridium are considerable. Because most rental customers travel to areas 95% of the time where all 3 brands provide good coverage, we encourage you to give thought to other important factors, especially if you are renting a satellite phone for the first time.

(1.) Where will you be traveling?
(2.) How do you need to communicate (what modes) with the satellite phone?

  • Making/receiving simple voice calls?
  • Sending of receiving simple text messages?
  • Email, including  weather, news, & other useful information useful for your journey?
  • Internet browsing
  • File and/or photo sharing

(3.)  Will the phone be used just in case of personal emergencies, or do you need to occasionally keep in touch with the office or business partners?
(4.) In addition to the handset, how important could it be to also use the satellite phone in a vehicle, car, cabin, or in some other enclosed environment?

Other factors that will help us provide the best price for you include:

(a.) How long will you be gone?
(b.) How many devices do you need?
(c.) How many minutes will you need?

These are all questions that you need to ask yourself so we can make appropriate recommendations. 
By and large, if Globalstar provides coverage where you are going, hands down Globalstar is likely to be the best fit for you:

(1.) Globalstar phones have genuine US based telephone numbers.  Home zone coverage is expanded to cover 120 countries with no roaming. Just dial 1 + ten digit number for simple use. Roaming charges are extra in Mexico and other countries. Free incoming text messaging is included. They do not offer worldwide coverage. Rental rates start at $75/ week with unlimited calling standard on all Globalstar rentals to the more reliable Iridium Worldwide rentals as well as the rugged Inmarsat rentals.

Iridium coverage is worldwide and requires international dialing from our rental phones. Incoming calls are included with our US based numbers. Unlimited incoming text messaging is included with outgoing messaging being charged at 1/2 minute rates. Rates start at $39.99/ week and includes spare battery, external antenna and carry case! Multiple minute bundles options available as low as 25 minutes perfect for light use. Higher buckets of minutes are available with overage minutes only costing $1.29/ minute!