Applied Satellite Engineering, Inc., is recognized worldwide as a pioneer and pacesetter in the design and manufacture of advanced satellite communication equipment.   As an Iridium value-added manufacturer, ASE is widely hailed for its integrity, innovation, quality workmanship and unsurpassed service and support.

Founded in 2002, the company has attracted a large and loyal customer base by providing all-inclusive, trusted solutions for maritime, land-based, corporate centers and base headquarters needs. Our expansive field of international market applications includes products tailored to the needs of government, maritime, mining, forestry, construction, emergency services, relief aid, commercial trucking, resilience and adventure travel.

In addition to voice communication and resilience planning, our satellite communication solutions include asset tracking, data tracking and machine-to-machine controls.   At the forefront of research and development, ASE was the first to introduce a voice product with GPS position tracking.   Leading the way again, the company is poised to launch an advanced technology that has dramatic safety implications.

ASE invented ground-breaking intelligence called Smart Dialing, a docking station component that makes the Iridium satellite phone function more like a standard land- line  phone, particularly when dialing international numbers.  In 2009, it enhanced the technology and imbued it with safety and problem-solving features such as alerts when a satellite is out of sight, or signal strength is low.   This type of ingenuity is designed into each of ASE’s docking stations, optional accessories and modular design.

ASE’s superior line of products is manufactured in the U.S. to rigid quality and performance standards. Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, the company maintains offices in the United States and Europe as part of its global commitment to top-notch service and round-the-clock technical support, which is unique in the industry.