Globalstar GSP-2900 Fixed Satellite Phone with Ministick Antenna

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The GSP-2900 provides convenient fixed access to satellite voice and data services, including Internet, e-mail and voicemail. As many as five RJ-11 jacks can be connected to the GSP-2900 to provide dial-tone to any standard or cordless phone. Installation options are virtually endless. GSP-2900 phones are an ideal solution for communications redundancy in emergency response centers & comms vehicles, as well as remote communications solution in boats,  cabins, oil rigs, & service vans. Now get the GSP-2900 for FREE on any Globalstar Unlimited Plan. Please call us to set up account. Please note, GSP-2900 will not ship for $9, unless activated on Orbit or Galaxy Unlimited (Airtime billing directly from Globalstar USA).


• Powered by the industry’s brand new, highest-quality Generation 2 satellite network

• Mission Critical Voice Quality.  Audio sounds like a landline phone. 

• Fastest data speed.  Real time information sharing & data exchange.  Send & receive email, files & photos or access Internet. 9.6 kbp/s data speeds (uncompressed)

• U.S.-based phone numbers with area code options: 907, 254, & 863.

• Generates standard dial tone.

Connect to any analogue handset or PABX


  • Dimensions: Housing 25 x 21.6 x 8.4 cm, Antenna 49.5 cm H x 2.5 cm diameter
  • Weight: 6.7 lbs
  • Operating Temperature Range: -22 to +140ºF
  • Storage Temperature Range: -40 to +185ºF


  • Universal AC/DC Power Supply, with Battery Backup
  • Power consumption 25 watt maximum at 12 VDC nominal input voltage, 12 watt typical operation

Flexible Installation

  • Telephone line can be up to 800 ft.
  • Data cable (CAT5) can be up to 300 ft. Options available to extend data cable to 450 ft.

Phone Handset Compatibility

  • Standard modular phone jack (RJ11)
  • Compatible with all standard wired analog phones
  • Compatible with virtually all cordless phones

Data Network

  • Supports direct TCP/IP and asynchronous modem communications
  • ExpressData provides up to 38kbp/s throughput (Uncompressed speed 9.6 kbp/s).  Send emails, surf Internet, transfer files easily and quickly

GSP-2900 satellite phone package includes:

  • Mini-stick antenna, Junction Box, Power/Telephone Cable, Power Supply, Battery Back-Up, Mounting Bracket, North American Power Cord, User Manual



  • Three antenna cable length options, suitable for most applications, are available: 20', 30' and 55'
  • Marine enclosure option
  • Data cable option



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